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Every effort is made to verify all information and links posted here. In most cases when an event is posted an email is sent to the director notifying them of the posting and asking them to double check the posting for errors or corrections and/or additions. In non-event postings, permission in many cases is requested to post information, if and when possible. Some information or reports here may be posted elsewhere on the Internet and in most cases credit is given, if known. Any posting will be removed or amended if requested.
It is possible incorrect information may be posted because of either wrong information was available, typographical error, change of information after the posting and no notification was received or simple oversight.

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Maps in most cases are accurate, depending on the information supplied to NEPARunner and at the time the link is posted. Please note that from time to time the either the location may change or the link may not be valid because of changes in map website.
Although NEPARunner does have a very good record as far as posting accuracy anything could happen.
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