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WED AUG 14, 2013     7:00 PM
LOCATION:  Kirby Park
CONTACT:  Rich Pais 570-814-0346
BENEFITS:  Support foster care and adoption in NEPA
INFO:  $12/race on race day or $30 for all three races if you enter early before Aug 14. Check form and links for more details. Details may not yet be updated, Online registration will be available at
Get ready for the 3rd Annual OneSource Valleys Fastest Man Series series. The first two years of racing have seen incredible athletes that included numerous NCAA All-Americans and even Argentine Olympian (Claudia Camargo-Nero) and USA National Triathlon Team member Kelly Ciravolo.
But this series is for you! The weekend warrior or newbie who wants to see how fast they can fly when the course is short and “just finishing” isn’t the goal. On the dirt track at Kirby Park we seed the runners by expected finishing times, so you get to run in a pack with people of similar pace. At Giants Despair the 600 vertical feet climbed in one mile can defeat anyone who starts to fast - can you run a smart race and beat the elites? On River Street you will race in front of hundreds of spectators and see yourself finish on a giant video screen as we call out your name. All this for $30. And the proceeds go to foster care and adoption…come on, you gotta do this!
This year we have a prize purse that includes a $200 bonus for breaking a course record, and cash awards for the River Street Mile. Misericordia Track Coach Chris Wadas will be recruiting elite athletes from across the northeast.
The series has three one-mile courses:
· Chase Mile, Kirby Park Dirt Track Mile, August 14 , 7:00pm
· The Giants Despair Hill Climb, August 21, 7:00p
· The River Street Mile, August 30, 7:00pm
AWARDS: The final race will be held on Friday, August 30, 2013 at the Wilkes Barre River Commons during the registration and expo for the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Half Marathon. Runners will finish under the lights and in front of a large crowd. Awards will be given immediately following the last race. (see “Elite Athlete Information” attachment for distribution of cash awards)
BLING: Sign up for the series and get a tech shirt, water bottle or other fun stuff provided by our sponsors. Races will be held on weeknights in summer so as not to interfere with established weekend races or family time.
COURSE RECORDS:  Sean-Patrick Oswald 4:28 (2012), Samantha Snukis 5:13 (2011)
RESULTS:  2012 | 2012 series
POSTED:  4/27


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