This year's top recipients- Jack Zardecki of Dallas & Lindsey Williams of Holy Redeemer, pictured in 2016 season.

Here is a compilation of listings of the Wyoming Valley Conference Coaches Cross Country All Stars since 2001 and a listing of those selected as "Most outstanding".

These listings were provided by the Wyoming Valley Striders who annually honor area High School Cross Country runners at the Clubs annual Awards & pizza party.

The selections are made by area High School Cross Country coaches in the Wyoming Valley Conference.
Selections prior to 2012 were when the Citizens Voice were sponsors and there were three division with Honorable Mention, later switching to the top twenty of all divisions.

This year's Wyoming Valley Striders Awards & Pizza party will take place Wed., Dec. 6 @ 6:00 pm in the gym of the Gate of Heaven Church, 40 Machell Avenue, Dallas. *$3 for guests **WVS members are free. All-stars will each be presented with a trophy & t-shirt donated by the WVS & receive a one year WVS membership. #XC #WVS2016. For more information

Jack Zardecki, 12, Dallas   Lindsey Williams, 12, Holy Redeemer

Jack Zardecki, 11, Dallas   Lindsey Williams, 11, Holy Redeemer

Dominic Hockenbury, 12 Lake Lehman   Ally Rome, 12, Dallas

Dominic Hockenbury, 11 Lake Lehman
  Lindsey Oremus, 12, Dallas
Ally Rome, 11, Dallas

Dominic DeLuca, 12, Dallas   Regan Rome, 12, Dallas

Kieran Sutton, 12 Lake Lehman   Regan Rome 11, Dallas

Ben Robinson, 12 Tunkhannock A.   Nicole Buehrle, 9, Hazleton A.
Dominic DeLuca, 10 Dallas Kieran Suttton   Regan Rome 10, Dallas
Mike Lewis, 10 Northwest A.   Amy Viti, 12, Hanover A.

Reece Ayers, 12, Tunkhannock Area   Regan Rome, 9, Dallas
Bria Edwards, 12, Hazleton Area   Frazee Sutphen, 10, Northwest Area
A.J. Limongelli, 12, Holy Redeemer   Paige Antall, 10, Hanover Area

Reece Ayers, 11, Tunkhannock Area   Rachel Sowinski, 9, Holy Redeemer
Kristin Schafer, 11, Crestwood   Tyler Angeli, 12, Northwest Area
A.J. Limongelli, 11, Holy Redeemer   Pooja Patel, 12, Wyoming Seminary

Robert Micikas, 12, Crestwood   Kirsten Schafer 10, Crestwood
Anthony Rizzo, 12, Holy Redeemer   Marina Orrson 12, Lake-Lehman
John Gibbons, 12, Hanover A.   Katie Levandoski 12, Wyoming Seminary

Alec Richardson, 12, Holy Redeemer   Katie Levandoski, 11, Wyoming Seminary
Nathan Zondlo, 12, Pittston A.   Alyssa Namey, 12, Hanover A
Tyler Brown, 11, Wyoming Seminary   Kirsten Schafer, 9, Crestwood'

Mike Guest 12, Hazleton A.   Alyssa Namey, 11, Hanover A.
Brenae Edwards 12, Hazleton A   Justin Darrow, 11, Bishop Hafey
Joe Stanek 12, Hanover A.   Alex Hackett, 10, Wyoming Seminary

Mike Guest 11, Hazleton Area   Amanda Radishofski, 11, Hazleton Area
Jeff Rafach, 11, Hanover Area   Lisa Giacometti, 12, Dallas
Justin Darrow, 10, Bishop Hafey   Katie Levandoski, 9, Wyoming Seminary

Nathan Roth, 10, Berwick Area   Maria Monks, 11, Hazleton Area
Joe Stanek, 10, Hanover Area   Lisa Giacometti, 11, Dallas
Michael Dougherty, 12, Bishop Hafey   Kayla Weaver, 11, Bishop Hafey

Ed Kopec, 12, Wyoming Valley West   Brenae Edwards, 9, Hazleton Area
Marcus Magyar, 12, Wyoming Area   Lisa Giacometti, 10, Dallas
Caleb Fritz, 12, Northwest Area   Megan Nonnemacher, 12, Bishop Hafey
Josh Fritz, 12, Northwest Area    

Brent Edwards, 11, Hazleton Area   Maria Monks, 9, Hazleton Area
Marcus Magyar, 11, Wyoming Area   Whitney Adams, 11, Dallas
Caleb Fritz, 11, Northwest Area   Becki Pierotti, 12, Bishop Hafey
Josh Fritz, 11, Northwest Area    

Mike Echalk, 12, Pittston Area   Katie Conlon, 12, Pittston Area
Marcus Magyar, 10, Wyoming Area   Meghan Torbik, 11, Wyoming Area
Josh Fritz, 10, Northwest Area   Jessica Jones, 9, Bishop Hoban