Please read if you considering an event for the Luzerne County Levee System.

Permission to use the asphalt maintenance road atop of the levee crest or other Authority property, must be requested to the Authority thorough their Special Events Procedure (Events Policy).
For all special events which includes local road races, under no circumstance will the marking of the Authority property be allowed in support of the event. (no spray paint or markings).

Do not The Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority (LCFPA) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the 16-mile Wyoming Valley Flood Risk Management Project, which includes the levee system through Kirby and Nesbitt Parks. This levee system is owned by the LCFPA, not by Kingston Borough, not by the City of Wilkes-Barre, and not by the County of Luzerne.
Permission to use the asphalt maintenance cartway atop the levee crest for road racing events must be requested through the Authority’s Special Events Policy.
Any requestor must complete the written application, the indemnification and hold harmless agreement, provide a certificate of insurance and submit to the Authority for review and formal approval.
The Authority recognizes the recreation features of a levee system in an urban environment and generally supports road races on our property. However, we are concerned about potential liability and the special events policy must be adhered to for any proposed races on Authority property. Otherwise, participants in an unauthorized road race on Authority property are trespassing and we will take the appropriate response.

Christopher J. Belleman, P.E., CFM
Executive Director
Luzerne County Flood Protection Authority
P.O. Box 1909
Kingston, PA 18704
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POSTED 5/12/2016