Drums, PA.  - 
9th Annual
Greater Hazleton Festival
of Races Awards

Submitted by: Mike Palermo
Jared Hinkle and Karalyn Sitch won the overall championship in the Men's and Women's Division while the Masters Division was won by Jim Prokopovich and Kerry Zawadski. Grandmaster division was won by Steve Boucher and Sandra Orrson
Banquet is February 11th, 3pm, Vesuvios, Drums.

Overall Male
Jared Hinkle (Trophy)

Overall Male Masters(40+)
Jim Prokopovich (Trophy)

Overall Male Grandmasters(50-59)
Steve Boucher (Trophy)

Male Senior(60+)
Simon Kazinetz (Trophy)

Male 15U
Division Winner: Dustin Polchin (Trophy)
Brady Walters (1st Medalist)
Sam Schagen (2nd Medalist)

Male 16-18
Division Winner: Cole Streisel (Trophy)
Willie Streisel (1st Medalist)
Mark Sitch (2nd Medalist)

Male 19-29
Division Winner: Adam Bahrey (Trophy)
Nathan Hinkle (1st Medalist)
Justin Hall (2nd Medalist)

Male 30-39
Division Winner: Bryan Herbst (Trophy)
Josh Hayden (1st Medalist)
James Deom (2nd Medalist)
Justin Koval (3rd Medalist)
Kevin Brace (4th Medalist)
Paul Eckrote (5th Medalist)
Jeff Koch (6th Medalist)

Male 40-49
Division Winner: Bob Muscovitch (Trophy)
Matthew Nensteil (1st Medalist)
John Zawadski (2nd Medalist)
Don Shearer (3rd Medalist)
Thomas Bugda (4th Medalist)
Chris Steiner (5th Medalist)
John Leonard (6th Medalist)

Male Grandmasters(50-59)
Division Winner: Brian Kramer
Gene Olenick (1st Medalist)
David LaPoint (2nd Medalist)
Todd Richards (3rd Medalist)
Ray Cebular (4th Medalist)

Male Senior(60+)
Division Winner: Roland Gensel (Trophy)
Rick Heuholt (1st Medalist)
Scott Canouse (2nd Medalist)
James Atkins (3rd Medalist)
Mike Murphy (4th Medalist)
Ron Rawls (5th Medalist)
Mike Boyle (6th Medalist)

Male Senior(70+)
Division Winner: William Coolbaugh (Trophy)
Frank Gaval (1st Medalist)
Eric Snyder (2nd Medalist)

Overall Female
Karalyn Sitch(Trophy)

Overall Female Masters(40+)
Kerry Zawadski(Trophy)

Overall Female Grandmasters(50-59)
Sandra Orrson (Trophy)

Female Senior(60+)
Kathy Eckrote (Trophy)

Female 15U
Division Winner: Ashley James (Trophy)
Molly Gould (1st Medalist)

Female 19-29
Division Winner: Gina Manbeck (Trophy)
Tricia Kazintez (1st Medalist)
Logan Hansman (2nd Medalist)
Sarah Pecora (3rd Medalist)
Mallory Blasavage (4th Medalist)
Amy Kazinetz (5th Medalist)
Kristen Molinaro (6th Medalist)

Female 30-39
Division Winner: Megan Natale (Trophy)
Monica Ustynofski (1st Medalist)
Bonnie Natt (2nd Medalist)
Kelly Ward (3rd Medalist)
Leah Holland (4th Medalist)
Tracy Smithnosky (5th Medalist)
Michelle Weaver (6th Medalist)

Female 40-49
Division Winner: Amy Cartwright (Trophy)
Traci Strungis (1st Medalist)
Heidi Pollack (2nd Medalist)
Mary Cherko (3rd Medalist)
Alyssa Reinhart (4th Medalist)
Lori Kane (5th Medalist)

Female Grandmasters(50-59)
Division Winner: Sherry Akins (Trophy)
Mary-Lynn (1st Medalist)
Liz Tolan (2nd Medalist)
Beth Cherico (3rd Medalist)
Sandra Nonnemacher (4th Medalist)
Sharon Gabos(5th Medalist)

Female Senior(60+)
Division Winner: Barb Rupert (Trophy)


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