NEPARunner will no longer be updating its pages and ceases to operate. It has been a pleasure to have served the local running community and help support local clubs, runners and charities.

I have not run a race in over a year now and really have a desire to do so at this time. I was planning on attending the WV STRIDERS Fall Trail Sunday, but my daughter will be in a soccer game which I plan on attending.

I wish the local running community good luck in the future, there are many resources available on the internet these days that should be able to assist local runners.

Some of the reasons I no longer which to run is there are so many events now days I had so many favorites and it is impossible to attend them all. The prices of races in my opinion have increased to price I am not willing to pay or even afford. Many organizations also seem to be profiting for their services. I was contributing to much time to this venture without much in return.

I wish not to discuss any more than this. Thank you and good bye!